How Fiberglass Insulation is Energy Efficient

Since its introduction in 1938, fiberglass has been the most popular insulation material used in residential and commercial construction projects. That’s because, when installed properly, it helps homeowners enhance energy efficiency, lower utility costs and improve overall comfort. It has also become the leading insulation material in many of today’s green buildings. If you’re thinking about installing fiberglass insulation in your home¬†consider its benefits.

Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation 


Whether you’re warming or cooling your home, fiberglass insulation helps homeowners retain their desired temperature. As a result, fiberglass’s thermal performance lowers utility costs and conserves nonrenewable fuel sources.

You also gain more design flexibility with fiberglass insulation. You can install more of it in some sections of your home to improve thermal performance. It’ll also help compensate for areas that have lower thermal values, like doors and windows.


When fiberglass insulation comes into contact with moisture, it doesn’t absorb or hold the water. Since it includes sand and recycled glass, it’s also naturally noncombustible, which helps builders adhere to fire codes.


As a naturally sound-absorbent material, fiberglass drastically reduces sound transmission in floor, wall, ceiling and HVAC assemblies. In many construction projects, the first inch of fiberglass insulation can increase an assembly’s sound transmission class value by three or four points.


Fiberglass insulation contains a significant amount of recycled content. In fact, some batt, roll and loose-fill products are comprised of up to 80 percent recycled glass. Silica sand, which is another primary material found in this type of insulation, is also an abundant and naturally renewing resource.

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