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Why Snowbirds Should Prepare Their Florida Homes for Hot Weather

As spring turns toward summer and the snowbirds plan their departure from West Palm Beach, Florida, to points north, they might empty their refrigerators, stop newspaper deliveries, forward their mail and move outdoor furniture indoors. However, the most important step may be preparing your home to handle the hot, humid climate. High temperatures and humidity can lead to summer problems for snowbirds who have empty homes in southeastern Florida.


High humidity (over 50 percent) can lead to microbial growth, even in well-cleaned homes. Microbial growth can be difficult or even impossible to remove, assuming it’s in a visible location. It can also result in all types of respiratory health issues, such as sinus infections, bronchitis and even pneumonia. The last thing you want is to return home that makes you feel sick.


Wooden surfaces, such as cabinets and floors, expand when heated. High temperatures and humidity can warp them. If you have a home with a lot of wooden furnishings, it’s especially important to maintain ideal conditions.


Humidity can cause rust to form on iron and steel objects, such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, dryers and other appliances. It can also corrode wiring in electronic devices, including computers.


All that heat and humidity in Florida leads to severe summer storms and flooding. Before leaving, make sure that your roof and gutters are in good condition. Also ensure your home doesn’t have areas where wind-driven water can get in. Don’t forget to check your water filtration system to make sure the filters are flushed out and working properly.

To avoid these problems, shut off the water to your home, repair leaks and set your air conditioner to run periodically each day. It’s a good idea to perform air conditioning maintenance to ensure it’s in good condition before you leave for months at a time, too.

A good way to ensure optimum temperature and humidity is by investing in a home automation system that you can control from anywhere via your smartphone. Contact Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air at (561) 708-4989 to discuss installing one in your home before you leave.