Avoid These 6 Common Causes of an A/C Breakdown This Summer

How to Prevent AC Breakdowns

You’re depending on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable this summer, but ... things happen. Your AC system is a complicated machine with coils, fan, blower, condenser and other moving parts. Without routine AC maintenance to ensure everything is in good working order, something is bound to go wrong eventually.

Here are the top six reasons your AC system could bite the dust.

Air Conditioner is Leaking

Refrigerant is the liquid that circulates through the system to turn warm air into cool air. Note that we said circulates. Your AC system will never run out of coolant unless there is a leak in the lines. Don’t let an AC technician recharge your system with refrigerant without first identifying and fixing the leaks. Refrigerant is expensive and you’ll just have to keep refilling it if it continues to leak.

Evaporator Coils Are Icing Up

Your air conditioner cools your home by removing the hot air to the outside. If there’s a mechanical failure, such as a kink in the lines, the coolant can cause the temperature around the coils to drop significantly. Moisture in the air will form ice on the coils, causing the system to freeze up.

Condenser Coils Are Dirty

Condenser coils collect dirt and grime over time, impeding their ability to effectively remove heat from the air. When coils are compromised with dirt and build-up, it takes longer for your AC system to reach your desired temperature.

Fans Are Failing

Your system has two fans. One blows air in and another blow air out. Pretty simple. Air flow is compromised by worn belts, not enough lubrication, faulty motor, dirt, debris or other obstruction. Your condenser depends on a steady stream of air to do its job. When air is choked off, the condenser could fail, which is a more expensive problem.

Air Ducts Are Leaking

Air ducts deliver cool air to your home, but only if they’re sealed properly. When conditioned air escapes through gaps, your AC system has to work harder to cool down your home, leading to its eventual breakdown. Plus, your electric bills will be through the roof.

Drain is Clogged

Your AC system produces condensation which is removed through a drain line. When the line is blocked due to debris or algae, water backs up. This can cause mold and water damage to your home. To prevent this, some units have a sensor that turns off the unit when the drain line backs up.

Summer is not the time you want any of these problems to occur. Our licensed and insured technicians will diagnose your system and make all needed repairs, plus other preventative maintenance. To schedule a tune-up, call 561-708-4989.