How to Use Your AC More Efficiently

Thermostat set to 78 degrees

Our air conditioner is often our safe haven in the summer months, especially in West Palm Beach. With the heat beating down on us as we participate in outdoor activities, the relief we want to feel as we walk through our front door is indescribable. Due to this, we provided some tips to keep in mind when using your AC unit.

What Steps Should I Take To Use my AC Effectively?

Use a Fan Alongside your AC

While a fan can't take the place of an air conditioner, it's by no means useless in the summer. In fact, it's actually very effective to use a fan with your AC unit. This is because fans primarily cool people, not necessarily rooms, which is where your AC is the superhero in this scenario.

Make sure your fan is rotating counterclockwise — this may sound silly but this helps bring the cool air from your air conditioner and pushes it down toward your body! When you use these two in conjunction with each other, you're actually saving energy and money.

Keep Your Thermostat at 78 Degrees

Many people believe that as they leave the house they should lower the air conditioner way past 78 degrees in order to reach 78 degrees (the recommended temperature for your home) faster. This, unfortunately, is not the case. The more you lower or play with the thermostat, the more your air conditioner and furnace start and stop, making them work harder and less efficiently. We know it may be tempting but walk away from your thermostat, leave it at 78 degrees and your house will cool down, we promise!

Clean Your Air Filters

It's suggested that you clean your air filters every two to three months (good maintenance tip, by the way!). If you don't clean your air filters, you're allowing dust and debris to build-up and eventually block the airflow to your home. Blocking the airflow results in your fans having to work harder, spiking your electric bill. The more maintenance your air conditioner needs, the less efficiently it will work!

Now that you know how to effectively use your air conditioner, you're ready to take on any and all air conditioner obstacles. If this isn't the case and you're having trouble with your system — whether you need a repair or an installation — the Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, Inc. team is here to help! Call us at (561) 708-4989 for any HVAC needs!