Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Water Heater

Picture of Leaking Water Heater

Imagine going through your daily routine without any hot water. What would be different? From your morning shower to rinsing your breakfast dishes, from doing your laundry to washing your hands, it would all be affected. Hot water plays a major role in our day-to-day activities, so it is important to note what it looks like when your water heater is heading towards a breakdown.

Here are the signs that your water heater needs replacing:

Your Water Heater Is Over Ten Years Old

If your appliance was installed between eight and ten years ago, it has run its course. That is, for efficiency and effectiveness. When water heaters are a decade old, they tend to have significant wear and tear, especially if they were not properly maintained over the years. Additionally, units this age are no longer up to technology standards for efficiency. So, not only will your system be running at a subpar performance, but it will be costing you more to do so. Rather than continuing to spend money on frequent repairs, replace your unit entirely. This upgrade will end up saving you in the end!

Your Water Heater Has Sprung A Leak

Noticing that water is beginning to pool at the base of your water heating unit? If you do, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Pooling water signifies that your system is leaking, and small leaks can turn into detrimental water damage overnight. This is a time-sensitive issue—contact your local plumbing company for immediate replacement.

Your Inlet Valve Is Rusted

Even though water heaters are manufactured to resist water-related issues such as rusting, it happens. Once rust has formed within your system, it will begin to spread, growing on both the interior and exterior of your system. This type of corrosion will begin to affect your water, altering its color and its taste. If you notice an orange discoloration to your water or if your supply begins to smell “off”, rust has likely compromised your system.

Your Water Heater Is Noisy

If you are hearing consistent popping or whistling sounds emanating from your water heater, something is not right. This is your system telling you that it is headed towards a malfunction. These sounds are typically caused by sediment accumulation at the base of your tank. If you have not followed the recommended maintenance of annual cleanings, your sediment build-up can be so severe that your system can no longer be repaired, but rather, it will need replacing.

For your hot water heater replacement, contact Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, Inc. at (561) 708-4989! We are here to ensure your system meets your standards.

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