Why There Are Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home: 5 Common Causes

Have you noticed that certain areas or rooms in your home are much hotter or cooler than other spots? Do you turn on the furnace only to walk into a freezing cold room or get the AC running and notice that it’s only working in some rooms? This is one of the most irritating HVAC problems you can experience. Luckily, it can be fixed, but you need to know what the cause of the problem is. There are a variety of issues that can bring this problem on, some more complex than others, and determining the exact cause will make solving the problem that much easier. Keep reading to learn more.

Common Cause #1: Clogged Air Filters

Air filters trap dust, dirt, dander, and other things contained in the air before it is distributed throughout your home. If you go too long without changing your air filter, it can become clogged with these air contaminants, which restricts airflow and puts a lot of strain on your HVAC system. This restricted airflow can result in uneven or inconsistent heating or cooling in your home.

Common Cause #2: Closed/Blocked Air Registers

During HVAC operation, each of your air vents should be open and any objects blocking them should be relocated to ensure even airflow. Closed or blocked air vents will block the airflow into that particular room or area.

Common Cause #3: Damaged Ductwork

Your ductwork is responsible for distributing heated or cooled air throughout your home. In the event that your ductwork forms cracks, gaps, or holes, any air from outside of the ductwork can make its way inside and throughout your home. That means that non-temperature-regulated air will be brought into your home, resulting in hot spots and cold spots.

Common Cause #4: Air Leaks

Insufficient insulation, holes in your roof, gaps beneath floors, and gaps in windows can all result in air leaks in your home. Air from outside can make its way inside and create uneven heating or cooling.

Common Cause #5: Incorrectly Sized HVAC Equipment

When installing a heater or air conditioner in your home, it is incredibly important that you select the proper size. Installing a system that is too big for your home can result in certain areas of your home being heated or cooled more than necessary. Installing a system that is too small for your home can put a lot of strain on the system and result in inconsistent/inadequate airflow.

How to Fix a Hot or Cold Room in a House

If you are dealing with hot spots and cold spots in your home, it is time to schedule an AC maintenance service. During an AC tune-up, your technician can determine the exact cause of the problem and implement the best possible solution.

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