Air Conditioning SEER Rating Benefits

AC SEER Ratings

If you're looking to replace your current cooling system, you've probably heard about SEER ratings. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, which means that SEER ratings relate to the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. The higher the rating it has, the more efficient it is in cooling your room with less energy consumption as it runs.  

With that in mind, if you want to improve the air inside your home more effectively and efficiently, consider choosing high-efficiency models. While you can cool down your house with whole-house insulation, a good AC unit can still provide more comfort. To help you further understand how this works, here are some facts about seer rating benefits that you might want to know.     

What Does a Good SEER Rating Mean and Why Does It Matter? 

What's a Good SEER Rating?  

Although the most recommended SEER rating is between 15-16, the optimal system for your home will always be determined by your needs and goals. For example, a 20 SEER would be "good" in a large house with a hot and humid area, but any other rating might not be as effective as this rating. Ultimately, a good SEER rating is determined by you and your residence.  

Categories based on SEER:  

  • Starting level 13-16 SEER  

  • Mid-efficiency: 16-18 SEER  

  • High efficiency: 20+ SEER  

Benefits of a Good SEER Rating   

The SEER rating of an air conditioner is an essential factor to consider when you want to upgrade to a newer AC unit. To help you decide whether or not to upgrade your air conditioner to a higher SEER rating, here are some of the benefits that you might want to consider:  

  • Higher SEER ratings use less energy to operate  

  • They make less noise and have more advanced technology  

  • They perform more efficiently and last longer  

  • A high SEER rating will result in lower energy bills  

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