Reasons to Check Your AC in the Colder Months

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People don’t usually associate air conditioning with winter, as both are sources of cold temperatures at different times of the year. Yet, checking your AC unit for leaks, broken components, and other problems during the cold season can be as beneficial as doing it when the summer arrives. Learn how professionals run a proper AC inspection and why you should book one in the second half of the year. 

How to Check an AC Unit 

Although an AC unit can stick around for up to two decades, you’re bound to face an issue with the components at some point. To avoid problems, you should let a professional inspect your air conditioner at least once a year to see if the filters, coils, and drain lines need an upgrade or replacement. Experts also check for any blockages that slow down or can break the air conditioner. 

Running an inspection when the temperature outside is below 60°F can damage the equipment. Yet, ensuring your AC is in tip-top shape during the winter can extend your AC’s lifespan and protect your family from dangerous substances. 

Why Should I Inspect My AC in the Winter? 

Dangerous Refrigerant Leaks 

AC units don’t cool the air by simply moving it around. Instead, they use a refrigerant to decrease room temperature and rid you of sweat and discomfort. As helpful as coolant is, sniffing this agent is highly detrimental to your health and causes symptoms like: 

  • Fainting 

  • Painful breathing 

  • Permanent brain damage 

  • Throat swelling 

  • Vomiting 

Hiring a professional to detect existing or potential leaks can save the life of house owners and their loved ones. 

You Detect Early Problems 

Stopping coolant leaks is crucial, but so is preventing future problems with your air conditioner. Otherwise, your AC will use more energy to cool your home, becoming a costly and environmentally unfriendly option to battle heat and humidity during the summer. 

Do You Want Your AC Unit to Be Efficient When Summer Comes? 

If you want to stay safe during the winter and have your AC unit ready for the summer, Hi-Tech Plumbing and Air can help. We offer AC leak inspection, repair, and installation services, so feel free to contact us today to schedule your service

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