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Indoor air quality is a problem in the majority of homes—in fact, it’s a more serious issue than most people realize. For most homes, the air inside is actually worse than the air outside, and by a considerable margin at that. At Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air, our goal is to help you fix that, and we offer a wide range of indoor air quality improvement products from reputable names and industry leaders to get the job done. Among the names we offer is the REME HALO® air purifier system, one of the most innovative and effective air cleaners available for homes and businesses. This small, affordable unit not only helps remove particulate matter like dust and pollen, but can even help eliminate bacteria, mold, and airborne viruses—three of the top causes of airborne disease and illness.

Protect Your Family this Flu Season With REME HALO®

  • Kills 99% of most Germs, Bacteria and Viruses on surfaces and in the air*
  • Reduce Allergens, Dust, Dander and Smoke
  • Used in Government Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, and Homes Worldwide
  • Patented Technology, Tested, Validated and Proven

How the REME HALO® Works

The REME HALO® is unlike most other air purifiers in that it isn’t an air filter itself. Instead, this product improves your own HVAC filtration system by making it even easier for your filter to remove all different types of debris. The problem with most standard HVAC filters is that they are too coarse to stop the truly tiny microbial organisms that are smaller than the gaps in your air filter. The REME HALO® resolves this by forcing them to grow in size by sticking other particulate matter to them.

When switched on, the REME HALO® performs two functions: it charges the air particles that flow through it and it generates hydrogen peroxide particles that are designed to eliminate microscopic organisms without harming you and your family. As hydrogen peroxide molecules make contact with viruses and bacteria, they destroy these microbes by quite literally tearing them apart. However, because these microbes have also picked up a charge from the charged air in your system, they are drawn to molecules and particles with opposite charges, increasing their size substantially. This makes it possible for air filters of almost any type or grade to be able to catch and contain more of these particles for good.

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Advantages of the REME HALO® System

Why should you make the investment in a REME HALO® air purifier? Aside from superior air purification like we have mentioned, there are also plenty of other reasons why you should consider investing in installing one of these units in your HVAC system. Here are just a few of them:

  • Protection from illnesses: Unlike many other types of air purifiers, including UV light based systems, the REME HALO® has been tested and proven to eliminate viruses and bacteria of many different types. Studies have also shown that the REME HALO® is effective at removing viruses similar to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic that is currently sweeping the world. This device has been tested with Covid-19 and shows a 99.9% of Virus Inactivated on Surfaces; 99.5% Aerosolized Virus Reduction.
  • Better quality of life: The hydrogen peroxide and charged air particles that the REME HALO® produce are harmless to you, your family, and your pets. However, they do make it easier for your air filter to absorb the contaminants out of your air. That means easier breathing, noticeably cleaner air, and a significant reduction in asthma, allergy, and other respiratory condition symptoms.
  • Better-functioning HVAC system: By your air filter absorbing and containing more of the particulate matter in your air, the inside of your HVAC equipment will remain cleaner for longer. A cleaner HVAC system simply works better: heating air quicker, cooling it better, and using less energy to accomplish both. That saves you money in the long run!

Find out more about installing one of these revolutionary systems in your home by contacting the experts at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air! Dial (561) 708-4989 to request your consultation appointment.

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