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Drain & Sewer Repair Services in West Palm Beach and Surrounding Areas


Unfortunately for homeowners, clogged, leaky, and slow drains are common threats that are often tied to sewer line problems. Having functioning drains and sewer lines are important in order to properly remove waste from your home. Since draining problems are typically a wastewater issue, only a licensed and insured professional should be used for maintenance and repairs.

Homeowners sometimes take for granted how water leaves their homes and the vital importance of having good drains and drainage. Did you know that each fixture in your house has an individual drain line connecting to a larger drain line that removes wastewater? Did you also know that the most important component of each drain line is the trap — the object that prevents harmful sewer gases from coming back into your home?

Clearly, drains are a lot more complex than we give them credit for. Having the proper drainage not only makes sure our family is protected, but also prevents costly water damage. Call Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air for all of your drain and sewer system needs!


Sometimes homeowners may attempt to fix a sewer line on their own. However, improper fittings or bad pitch in the line can cause sewer lines to have bellies and collect wastewater, which leads to potential damages and backups in the drain system. Our experts recommend hiring a qualified professional to deal with a main sewer line repair and cleaning, as clogs like these need to be resolved quickly or the problem will escalate. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is an expert in providing rooter and drain services in Palm Beach County.


Did you know that tree roots are a common cause of sewer line breaks? As they grow, they can penetrate your pipes, causing sewage backups in your home. Annual inspections from Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air will help ensure that your home’s plumbing and sewer lines remain free of blockages, roots and buildup in the lines. It is recommended that you have your sewer lines inspected before major problems happen. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air offers sewer line maintenance services that include inspection of your system, and removal of blockages from pipes and drains using both video inspection equipment and high-pressure water jetting.


Hydro jetting is the most effective way to cut through the toughest roots, debris, and buildup in your drain pipes. It is the most efficient form of drain cleaning, capable of removing built up mineral deposits in drain lines by scouring the drain pipe with high levels of water pressure to remove any blockages and clear the line. One of the major benefits of hydro jetting over any other form of drain cleaning is that this system has the power to remove almost any obstruction in your pipes, allowing liquids to flow freely again. It also removes any excess build-up, grease, rocks, soap, or scum that often come from dishes or laundry, without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals.

One of the most important aspects of hydro jetting equipment is its ability to be snaked through underground sewer piping and down through drains, making the job cleaner, easier, and less costly than other methods. At the head of the tube is a specially designed 360-degree nozzle that shoots an incredible amount of pressurized water at all angles as it moves through the pipe. Due to wastewater piping being full of FOG (fats, oils, and grease) and other organic debris, our commercial hydro jetting is highly recommended to get your drains clog-free.

Keep water flowing properly in your home or business — schedule your hydro jetting service with Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air today!


Have you ever wondered how cracks, roots, and other drain issues are detected deep underground or behind the walls of a building? The key is video camera sewer inspection. This technology has revolutionized what our plumbers can do for our clients. We’d be happy to take a look at your plumbing should you have any deep-rooted blockage issues.

These special cameras can go underground to identify the cause of difficult clogs or recurring sewage problems. Video cameras are able to navigate underground, around cement and under the foundation. Our cameras produce high-resolution, full-color video that allows our service technicians to inspect and pinpoint problem areas. We can even spot potential issues that will save you time and money. Our sewer camera sends a signal from underground and our wireless locator detects it and marks where the exact spot is above ground. This makes the job less invasive when it comes to drain line repairs.

We work hard to earn your business, and we’ll go the extra mile to keep it! Our highly trained service technicians have the skills and equipment needed to locate your underground line, perform a video inspection, clean the line, repair the line, and provide specially formulated biodegradable solutions to keep your drains clean. If your drains are running slowly, or if you are hearing gurgling noises throughout the house whenever a toilet is flushed, it’s time to call Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air at (561) 570-4111.