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Bathroom Remodeling – Installation, Repair and Service

bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms are clearly an area that prominently showcases your home’s plumbing system and fixtures, which include faucets, sinks, tubs, showers and the toilet. And just like anything else in your home, all these items need updating as well from time to time.

If you need a complete remodeling of bathrooms, Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air will work with you. We will visit your home for a consultation on designs ranging from simple solutions to complete transformations that will fulfill your dreams and fit your budget. From drywall and tile installation to state-of-the-art touchscreen shower valves, we can provide and install it all.

We can even help with financing, so you get your bathroom remodeling project underway and have plenty of time to pay. We provide financing options with up to 60-month payment plans plus a 24-month equal payment plan with no interest. You can have your amazing new bathrooms now and pay later. So call us to get started today!

Items we install include:

  • Water heaters (traditional or tankless)
  • Bathroom fixtures (toilets, faucets, showers, tubs)
  • Bathroom tile work
  • Dry Walls
  • Bathroom flooring
  • Bathroom cabinetry
  • Bathroom countertops / vanities
  • Shower enclosures
  • Jacuzzi and Roman Tubs
  • Custom plumbing for showers and baths
  • Handicap-Accesible Fixtures & Tub Installations
  • Touchless, Hands-Free fixtures
  • Decorative finishes and accessories (e.g., mirrors, hardware, etc.)
  • Bathroom plumbing (piping and drains)


bathroom remodeling

Are your toilets clogged or backed up? Are you having to flush one too many times? Our team of experienced plumbers can fix the problem, whether it’s a toilet repair or replacement. We get the job done right the first time.

Toilet Installation

Our certified technicians measure to make sure that your new toilet fits in place of the old one. We offer various models and brands of toilets from fancy one piece toilets to standard two piece toilets and even eco-friendly toilets that save water.

Toilets come in all sorts of colors, designs, and height. We carry all brands such as Kohler, Moen, American Standard, Toto and more so something will fit within your budget. We offer delivery of new toilet and even haul away to recycle your old toilet.

During the installation process, our service technicians will replace the wax ring, check and replace toilet flange if needed, properly mount the new toilet seal, and secure the toilet base and toilet tank properly. When your toilet is fully installed, it may be necessary to make some minor adjustments to the flushing mechanism, so our service technicians go through a quick inspection and make any minor tweaks, so your toilet is operating properly.

Toilet Repairs

Whether you find water on the floor, hear a hissing noise or your toilet won’t flush, rest assured Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air can help. Our experienced plumbing professionals have the training and certifications needed to repair your toilet properly.

Some common toilet problems:

  • Toilet won’t flush all the way
  • Slow filling toilet
  • Noisy toilet
  • Toilet handle stuck or loose
  • Water around toilet base

Call now and speak with us about what your toilet repair needs are and schedule a service call with our qualified service professional.

Shower Installation

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air can help you modernize your bathroom with a new or updated shower. A stand-alone shower can greatly enhance the look of a bathroom. Shower replacement / installation can include any of the following:

  • Shower Design & Installation
  • Shower pan installation
  • Shower enclosures
  • Shower pre-fabs
  • Shower tile work
  • Shower heads – Wall mount, Handheld, Body Sprays
  • Shower faucets and hardware accessories
  • Shower drains

Bathtub Installation

Bathtub replacement may be necessary when your bathtub is worn out, damaged, cracked, or simply the wrong color. Bathtub replacement/installation can include any of the following:

  • Bathtub design and installation – Fiberglass, Cast-Iron, Floor mount, Free Standing etc.
  • Bathtub replacement with new faucets and matching hardware
  • Bathtub and plumbing installation (e.g Whirlpool or Roman tubs)
  • Bathtub pre-fabs
  • Specialty Tubs – Ceramic, acrylic, wood and metal bathtubs
  • Bath tile work
  • Bathtub faucets
  • Bathtub drains

For a complete and total remodel of your bathrooms, you can feel confident knowing that you are hiring skilled professionals with the training and certifications to create the bathroom of your dreams. Call Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air now and speak with us about the bathroom-remodeling project that you’re thinking about.

Kitchen Remodeling – Install, Repair & Service

They say kitchens are the focal point of the home – but they’re also the central part of the home’s plumbing. From dishwashers to garbage disposals, sinks and faucets, kitchens contain a variety of plumbing fixtures and pipes, and it’s vital to all of us that they all function properly. When your kitchen’s faucet is broken or your dishwasher is out of commission, it can seriously affect your day-to-day routine. But that’s where Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air comes in – we will remodel, install, repair or service anything in your kitchen.

Kitchen Plumbing Services:

  • Faucet Repair – Dealing with a leaky, damaged or broken faucet? No problem! All Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air professionals are experts in repairing every type of faucet, including compression, cartridge, ball and ceramic disk. We can handle anything from replacing a small part to installing an entirely new fixture.
  • Leak Repair – There are tons of pipes, fixtures and valves inside kitchens, and if one of them is leaking, it could cost you out of pocket expenses and waste a lot of water. If there’s a leak in your kitchen, a Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air plumbing professional will be able to find it and provide the proper fix for you.
  • Dishwasher Repair -Your dishwasher runs and drains water because it’s connected to your kitchen’s water supply and drain lines. However, when these aren’t working properly, it can cause flooding, clogs and more. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air plumbers can hookup any brand of dishwasher, and they can also help repair or replace damaged or leaking supply or drain lines.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair – It’s no secret – garbage disposals are one of the best inventions for people who love to cook. However, many aren’t aware of the proper way to use them. Since garbage disposals are only built to handle small amounts of leftover food debris, they can easily become clogged when people try to dispose of way too much food or items. We’re able to repair or replace your garbage disposal, and will have your sink draining again quickly. (Call to get a Free Copy of Garbage Disposal Do’s & Don’ts Tips)
  • Remodeling– that will fulfill your dreams and fit your budget. We can even help with financing, so you can get your kitchen remodeling project underway with plenty of time to pay later. We provide financing options with up to 60-month payment plans plus a 24-month equal payment plan with no interest. Schedule Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air to visit your home for a consultation on designs that range from simple solutions to complete transformations.
  • Iceline & Under Counter FiltersWhether you are building a new kitchen, remodeling or just wanting to refresh your current look, Hi-Tech can provide with full plumbing installations. We even run new icelines to connect to your fridge & install under counter filters to provide you with clean, crisp drinking water from your faucet to your refrigerator. Call us to provide the right solutions with highly trained professionals that do the work right the first time.

No matter what you have envisioned for your new remodeling project, the highly skilled and experienced service technicians from Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air will create the kitchen or bathroom that you’re dreaming of plus we’ll even help you out with financing. Get going on your new project and call us today.