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If you’re searching for a reputable contractor that offers a range of septic services, Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is ready to serve you. From inspecting and cleaning septic systems to installing and replacing tank parts, our highly qualified septic service team does it all. No matter which septic service you need, you can count on our team to deliver.

Avoid a Septic Tank Catastrophe in Your West Palm Beach Home

Your septic system is responsible for transferring liquid and solid wastes through a network of underground pipes underneath your home. As the wastes enter your septic system, they’re separated and stored in a tank. The wastewater then flows into the drainfield, and the soil naturally filters it. If you have a malfunctioning drainfield, wastewater can back up into your septic tank and spill into your home. This can lead to issues flushing your toilet, septic tank seepage disasters, and foul odors.

At Hi-Tech, we strongly recommend that West Palm Beach, FL homeowners get their septic tank pumped out regularly — ideally every two years, but no more than four. Call us right away if you’ve gone any longer on getting a septic tank pump-out, because you could have a major mess on your hands at any moment.

Superior Septic Tank Service for West Palm Beach, Florida

Fortunately, our septic service team specializes in helping you avoid and clean a messy problem. Whether you require a repair or maintenance on your septic tank system, rest assured we have the experience and tools needed to complete the job to the highest of industry standards. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air will make sure your wastewater is flowing in the right direction, and we’ll keep your septic system operating at peak efficiency. We:

  • Perform high-quality septic tank repairs, replacements and maintenance on all types of systems
  • Offer upfront pricing so you know exactly how much your septic service will cost before we commence the work
  • Promise that our septic service technicians will arrive to your home on time or call to reschedule
  • After cleaning the tank, we provide detailed electronic inspection of the tank and verification that the drainfield leach system is working properly.

Put Your Trust in West Palm, FL’s Premier Septic Tank Contractor

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air is proud that our qualified septic service technicians have completed extensive training to provide the best services possible. Our team has been tested for its ability to install, repair, and maintain your home’s septic system. These are just a select few of the many septic services we provide:

  • Septic tank pumping and septic tank maintenance
  • Septic tank installation and septic tank repairs
  • Septic line jetting and main line cleaning

To schedule a septic tank service with a leading contractor in West Palm Beach, Florida, contact Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air at 561-570-4111. With decades of experience delivering high-quality septic services, you can rely on our experienced team of professionals to complete your request to your full satisfaction and restore your comfort.