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High Quality AC and Plumbing Services in Jupiter FL

Air conditioning and plumbing are the cornerstones of comfort for homeowners in Jupiter, Florida, and the surrounding communities. But many residents take these comforts for granted until they experience a major breakdown.

When you experience a major AC or plumbing breakdown, rest assured that Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air performs fast and high-quality emergency repairs. With decades of industry experience, there isn’t a repair we haven’t completed.

High-Quality AC Repair Jupiter FL

HVAC maintenance is an important part of protecting your air conditioning system from breaking down when you least expect. In fact, investing in a professional HVAC tune-up twice per year can prevent 95 percent of problems.

Whether it’s because of a lack of maintenance or normal wear, your air conditioning system is bound to break down sooner or later. When it does, you need a reliable HVAC contractor to come to your rescue, especially during a hot summer day in Florida. With our 100-day repair warranty, rest assured we’ll complete your AC repair to a high standard.

Professional Plumber Jupiter FL

In addition to our air conditioning services, which includes emergency AC repairs, Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air also offers professional plumbing services. Whether it’s a broken pipe, an overflowing toilet or a hidden leak behind the walls, what’s initially a small plumbing issue can quickly turn into a major problem that drowns you in debt.

To prevent plumbing problems in your home, it’s important to invest in an annual inspection. When you do require a plumbing repair, though, you need a seasoned plumber who can save the day. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air has a team of professional plumbers who have proven their technical proficiency and ability to provide excellent customer service.

For more information about the HVAC and plumbing services we offer, or if you’re in need of an emergency AC repair, contact Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air at 561-570-4111. Our team is standing by to restore your comfort as soon as possible.