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HVAC Services in West Palm Beach, FL | Se Habla Español

Premier AC Repair and Plumbing Services in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

When it comes to home comfort, Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air leads the pack. Our heating, cooling, plumbing, water heater, indoor air quality, and energy audit services in Palm Beach Gardens are all designed to maintain indoor comfort and save you money in the process.

AC Repair in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

In Palm Beach Gardens, air conditioning is almost as important as oxygen. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are very real dangers, so keeping your cooling system in tiptop condition is a high priority. Annual AC tuneups are excellent insurance against AC repair, but if your system is showing signs of impending collapse, call Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air for emergency service before the problem gets worse.

Our service technicians in Palm Beach Gardens are on duty 24/7, and we can be on the scene in minutes. If there are puddles around your air conditioner, scary noises, weak airflow, foul odors or other alarming occurrences, turn the system off and wait for help to arrive.

Master Plumber in Palm Beach Gardens

The best protection against plumbing nightmares like collapsed ceilings and imploding walls is with electronic leak detection or a video camera plumbing inspection. We offer free plumbing inspections with every service call, so you can keep up with what’s going on plumbing-wise behind your walls and under your floors. We repair water mains, slab leaks, sewer lines, broken pipes and water lines. We can also replace your garbage disposal, filter your water, fix your water heater and replace your toilet.

AC Installation and AC Replacement

Is it time to replace your ailing or aging air conditioner? Hi-Tech Plumbing & Air has plenty of cooling systems to choose from. You can customize your cooling with a zoned system and save money in the bargain or take advantage of mini- and multi-split ductless air conditioners to cool one room or a whole house. A heat pump can deliver heating and cooling via one convenient unit, or you can opt for a traditional central air conditioner that distributes cooled air through ductwork.

Call us at (561) 570-4111 if you’d like to schedule a free cooling installation needs assessment in your Palm Beach Gardens home. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities. We’ll also explain how you can have a new and and more efficient AC for only $60 per month.